When You Don’t Fit

IMG_7482.JPGI do not fit into the “traditional” idea of a brand. My Instagram pictures are not carefully staged against a white background. My children do not wear matching outfits, and aren’t posed just so. My home is not decorated to fit the latest modern trend, it is classic and rustic just like me.

I would rather share blurry pictures that capture moments, and laughter, and my baby doing something for the first time. I would rather create what my soul longs to create than worry if it fits a certain aesthetic, brand, or solid mission statement.

The truth is I’m a person, continuously evolving and growing. I have a lot of ideas. I need to let go of fitting all that I am into a box that makes sense to package to the world.

I am a mother.

I am a painter. I don’t always paint in the same style because I love so many different things.

I love to create, from jewelry to bath products to sewing + more.

I love thrifting and vintage because it reminds me of childhood and makes me come alive.

I love styling photo shoots around a concept, and taking & editing photos.

I basically love to create & as much as I try, it will not fit into a box.

I am both spiritual and funny, serious and silly. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I have a lot to share. I’ve been holding back in this area because I don’t want to get branded as someone who is “ultra spiritual” or thinks they know what’s right for someone else. I just have these tools that have helped me, and maybe they can help you too.

And so I decide to just create. Make the things I’m inspired to make. Share the lessons that hold wisdom. Help the communities that need support. And be the me that’s true.

Its all I can do, really.




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