I’m a lover of stars, velvet, the moon, old wallpaper, mountains, baths, books, lace, and magical moments. I’m also fond of thrift stores, antique shops, the sky at night, and drives to the country (especially for breakfast!) I’m passionate about creativity and motherhood, and love encouraging my children to create. When I’m not painting or writing, I love to read, travel, spend time with loved ones, take photos, try out new recipes, make products with essential oils, and decorate for the seasons.

My art is inspired by color, texture, and nature and can be found in my shop. On my blog, you’ll find posts on motherhood, creativity, and personal growth, rooted in with my daily life. My latest adventure is my YouTube channel where you’ll find behind-the-scenes art videos, along with motherhood and lifestyle content. I live in Southern California with my husband and three children, and dream of a life in the woods 🤍