Women’s Spirit Revival

Women’s Spirit Revival flows like a spiritual path, weaving through essential spiritual principles to bring women back home to themselves. Creative exercises bring these principles to life, giving you the rich experience of more joy and freedom, while illuminating the path to your dreams.

Course Description: Women’s Spirit Revival will take you on a spiritual journey. This course is about going deep. Letting go of what’s holding you back. Connecting to the parts of you that were buried long ago. Rediscovering what you loved as a child. Immersing yourself in life’s simple pleasures. Filling up your heart and soul and expressing your sacred, beautiful truth. Being gentle with yourself. Relishing the divine feminine. Soaking up inspiration and living life in color. Going for your dreams and feeling good along the way. Joy reignited. Heart full of love, freedom, and endless possibility.

The Journey:

First Steps: Awareness, Acceptance, Willingness, & Gratitude.

Planting Seeds: Desire, Visioning, Marinating in Feelings, & Surrender.

Clearing the Way: Forgiveness, Self-Compassion, Boundaries, & Extreme Self Care.

Bringing it all Together: Vulnerability, Connection, Receiving, & Service.

Course Details: Women’s Spirit Revival is a 4 week course, with one lesson each day Monday – Thursday focusing on a spiritual principle. Lessons include prompts, creative exercises, and resources. Friday through Sunday is for integration. The lessons are intended to be done in order, but the timeline is completely up to you. There is no rush, and no such thing as falling behind.

Course Materials: The creative exercises in this course are completely optional and require no previous experience. It is my personal experience that creativity heightens spirituality and deepens our understanding of ourselves. Suggested materials include a camera or phone for taking photos, a journal for reflection, drawing or painting supplies, decorative collage papers, old magazines for visioning, epsom salt, essential oils, and dried flowers. More details on materials will be provided in the beginning of the course.

When: Coming soon

Investment: TBD

Why: Because when you are truly ready to change your life, what happens next is pure magic ♥️