Self Care During Early Mommyhood

It's pretty hard to write blog posts nowadays because I rarely have a quiet moment with both of my hands free. Our baby girl Isabelle is 8 months now, and I mostly hold her while she's sleeping. She'll sleep without me holding her (for about 15 minutes or so), but when I'm holding her, she'll sleep … Continue reading Self Care During Early Mommyhood

On Letting Go & Embracing the Unexpected

I need to write. There is so much swirling about in my head, but each time I sit down to write, I have only one thought: "I'm so tired." To which I usually agree with, and think, "Yep....I am tired, maybe I'll write another time." Well, those other times aren't coming and I'm still tired, … Continue reading On Letting Go & Embracing the Unexpected