Painting Magic Description

I’m so excited to announce my new online painting course, Painting Magic! If you’ve been feeling the creative call, and are curious to learn more about painting, I would love for you to join me. This course is designed to be a well rounded introduction to Intuitive Painting, which is simply painting without a plan and following your instincts. In my experience, painting this way has brought me more self-trust, peace, confidence, a deeper sense of connection, and an outlet for expressing my thoughts and feelings. (Once you fall in love with painting and the creative process, it is incredibly healing!) If you already are an experienced painter and wish to join us, my hope is that you will learn something new and gain inspiration for your own process.

Course Details: You will receive an email each week for 4 weeks containing the course material and videos. You are also welcome to join our private Facebook group for the course to share your experience, connect with others, and ask any questions you may have.

When: August 19th – September 15th, 2019

Week 1: Materials & Color: Here we will learn the essential supplies to get started, including optional materials, and my all time favorites. We will also explore color, discover which colors you are drawn to, and learn about color theory, which helps when intuitively choosing which colors to work with.

Week 2: Technique & Mark Making: Here we will learn how various materials work, how to use them together in layering, and discover a variety of ways to make marks while expressing yourself on the canvas. We will also touch on the elements and principles of art. 

Week 3: The Creative Process: This week, I will share the creation of a painting from beginning to end to illustrate how to begin a painting, navigate the “messy” middle layers, and to refine a painting to the point when it feels finished. I will also offer pointers on navigating through the emotional ups and downs that often accompany this process.

Week 4: Painting Q & A: For our final week we will address questions and concerns that come up while learning to paint intuitively and develop a consistent creative process. We will cover topics such as how to find your own painting style, what to do when a painting isn’t working, how to make time for painting, artist mom tips, how to begin selling artwork, and more. I am open to your suggestions for this week, so please submit any questions you have to our Facebook group. 

Bonus: Tips on gathering inspiration as you uncover your own artistic style.

Investment: $47

Why: Because learning to paint will change your life ♥️

My Painting Journey:

I have been painting and mentoring others for many years (since college), and have been consistently learning more about painting over the last 5 years. I felt such a call to create that I couldn’t ignore it! When my youngest was born, I painted every day for a year in small doses and eventually developed my own style. The following year I created my first series, began selling my work, and now lovely people all over the U.S. hang my abstract paintings in their homes. It has been quite the journey, one full of passion, self-doubt, and everything in between. But in the end, the one thing I always come back to is that I paint because it heals me. It relieves stress, brings joy, and allows me to express that which can only be felt. And I love helping others find that same feeling ❤