Nurturing the Nurturer

Nurturing the Nurturer: A Self Care Journey 

Are you longing to reconnect with yourself? Are you “too busy” with little time to take care of your deeper needs? Have you let the “have to do’s” consume your life with little time left for the things that really feed your soul? Are you unsure of what to do first when you do get some time to reconnect? Are you tired of doing more, and feeling more depleted? Do you wish there was another way?

How would you feel to have some direction and gentle guidance in this area? How would it feel to make a commitment to yourself, and honor your value? How would it feel to replenish yourself in mind, body, and spirit, so that you can take care of who & what matters most to you? How would it feel to receive genuine support and encouragement to nurture yourself, and live a life more connected to the essence of who you are?

This blog post is the vision that inspired me to create this course. Every so often, I need to ground myself back into these practices. Summer, in particular is a triggering time for me, and if I don’t invest in my own self-care, I end up resentful and depleted. I’ve shared in past about the contrast between the summer I hope I will have with my kids, and the reality in which my anxiety begins to spiral into depression. I am extremely grateful to be home with them, but the constant stimulation, the cries of “I’m bored,” the sibling squabbles, and my toddler skipping naps can really put my emotions into overdrive. Maybe you can relate? And so, let’s do this together. Let’s reconnect with that deeper (calmer!) part of ourselves before summer is over. So we can feel into our own magic, and be able to give again from a full well.

Course Details: An guided Instagram journey with 10 days of helpful insight, nourishing practices, and creative exercises to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. I encourage you to experience one concept at a time, but the timeline is completely up to you. The Instagram account will be private, so you are encouraged to respond there, and I will create a special hashtag for sharing in your own posts. You will receive a PDF via email when the course is over.

When: August 5th-14th, 2019 {ENDED}

Investment: $17

Why: Because taking good care of you will change everything.