Playroom & Studio Tour

I began a playroom/studio re-do at the beginning of the summer and it finally feels finished. Progress is slow with an almost 2 year old AND my 8 year old was home for the summer. Now back to school has come & gone and I’m excited to get back to regular painting. This playroom has been ever evolving since we moved to this house two summers ago. At first, it was Olivia’s playroom only and my art studio was upstairs in the sunroom, off of the master bedroom. The sunroom had a lovely view, however it was just too hot in there to paint. So, after Isabelle was born, we relocated it downstairs. I began painting wearing Isabelle in the wrap, and eventually she played along side of me in her bouncer or jump-a-roo.

When she got big enough to crawl around, we made a little fenced in play area for her right next to my easel. She played with toys in there until she was ready to come out, usually before I was finished painting. Now, we decided she needed even more space since she’s almost 2, so the plan was to split the area roughly in 3, creating a space for each of us. My studio would be in the middle, and the girls would each have their own areas off to the side. This was also a good opportunity to clear out the clutter that accumulates every few months or so. So now that it’s finished I wanted to share how it came out, and I’m really looking forward to having more time to paint. (Now, if only it would cool off….it’s pretty hot out there.)

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This first pic is looking out from the window in the kitchen. This is where I stand and do the dishes, and often reflect on what my painting needs the next time I get a chance to paint. I’m glad to have this perspective, because I often have to walk away from my painting quickly and it gives me time to soak in the progress in between sessions.

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This is my painting area in the middle. I was able to fit all of my paint (I think I have a hoarding problem), brushes, extra surfaces, and other random art materials between the table, small shelf, and right half of the standing bookshelves. I have plenty of space for my easel and drop cloth and I’m slowly getting used to standing in a different location.

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The table in the left corner is for Olivia. I wanted her to have her own painting (and other messy crafts) table. She has her own mini easel, and lots of art supplies of her own that I stored on the left side of the bookshelves. It’s also a good place to put small toys that she’s playing with out of her little sister’s reach.

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This corner is for Olivia’s Barbie dream house and Woodzeez, which are little critters that wear clothes and live in MY dream house in the woods. I wanted her to have a space to play on the rug, and for her sister to be able to join her.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThe space is on the opposite wall from my painting area is where I put Olivia’s books, puzzles, games, special memory items, and little toys that Isabelle can’t play with. When I open the gate, it handily swings open and blocks off this area.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThis area is for Isabelle’s (baby friendly) toys. Her main play area is in the living room, so I mostly kept this area in the playroom for her baby dolls, play food, play-dough and crayons.

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I just got the little table and chairs on Amazon and I think it works perfectly for the space. Right now she mostly uses it for play-dough and for climbing up and down and learning to sit on the chairs.

So that’s everything! I’m really happy with how it came out. It’s definitely a win/win/win. Although, to be honest it really hasn’t bought me all THAT much more time painting, haha. But I am looking forward to getting back to a more consistent painting schedule with school back in session. Below is my work in progress so far. I hope you’re enjoying the summer and staying cool. P.S. Is it fall yet?

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