Winter Reflections

IMG_3132.PNGIt’s been a little while since I’ve written anything, my last post was on New Year’s Eve mentioning how instead of making resolutions, I was headed into a season of “Deep Inner Rest.” Instead of springing into action for the new year, I was craving restoration on many levels following the busyness of the holidays, and processing a move to Oregon that we didn’t make. Now, of course with young children I’m not able to take many long winter’s naps, but I have taken a lot of time to reflect on what I want to let go of and bring in this coming year. I made this little insightful list when I was really feeling the end of the year burnout.

Things I’m letting go of:

Rushing around
Being controlling
Taking on others energy
“As soon as” mentality
Work I don’t love
Wasting time “trying to figure stuff out”

What to bring in:

Let myself off the hook
Do the best I can
Do what I love and be confident about it
Stop doubting everything
Pray, trust, surrender
Live in constant gratitude
Get really ok with me
Take care of my body
Slow down
Minimal wardrobe
More nature wild freedom barefoot
Less internet more love

I have to say, I am feeling much calmer. I have moments of stress of course, but overall I’m feeling more accepting of me. I’m feeling very grounded by my daily rituals and routines in this phase of life, and very settled into being a mama & an artist. I’m loving on my babies, making sure they have what they need, and remembering to take care of me throughout each day. I’m painting most days, and being filled with gratitude for this practice, along with excitement of what’s to come. I will share more about that in a coming post, but I have been circling with some fantastic women, pushing my edges, and getting really clear on how I want my art & business to feel. In the meantime, here are a couple of large paintings I finished this season, available in my shop. Sending love as we head into Spring ❤


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