Anthro Love

My inspiration field trips to Anthropologie are starting to become a regular thing. I just adore roaming through Anthropologie, soaking up inspiration through colors, patterns, and textures. Their style fits my aesthetic so well, that you just might hear me letting out audible shrieks as I discover one treasure after another.

This is what I found this time around….img_2204img_2201Jeans with appliqués/embroidery. This takes me back to the 90’s style of used Levi’s with holes and patches. Makes me want to add floral fabric swatches and corduroy to denim.



Lace & velvet. My two favorite fabrics. I could wear the lace shirt with the velvet pants, and just float off on a cloud. I’ve been buying a lot of velvet and lace trim at the craft store lately, and I’m planning to adorn some clothing with it very soon.

image image

The color of this sweater. And this skirt…chenille with fringe. Like wearing a blanket. Again, I could wear them together and be perfectly happy. With boots.


This outfit. I almost fell down when I saw it in all its celestial glory. I’m a huge fan of the moon and stars. Plus sequins.

image image

These textured items. I want to make that pillow. And scarves that are half one color & material and half another. Love the mashed up goodness.

image image image

Florals. Which I’m sure I mention in nearly all inspiration posts. Coloring book, ceramics, with wood, or on tin. I obviously gasped when I laid eyes on this shelf in all its rustic beauty.

image image

This color combination (hello, mustard + indigo) and these aprons. I have always wanted one. Makes me want to bake a pie.

image image

More denim. This time soft, upcycled jeans turned into a zippered pouch. With denim patches and embroidery. Love this style. I may need to head to the thrift store for some old jeans to make my own version of these.


And that’s all I have for now, so I will leave you with a picture of my new baby girl Isabelle who is 7 weeks old now. She slept peacefully as we walked around Anthropologie. Hoping for some more peaceful sleeping as I attempt to create some things with my new sewing machine. I plan to have my new shop open as soon as time & mommyhood permits ❤

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