7 Things I’m loving right now…

I have posted a few times about my love of Pinterest and the satisfaction I get pinning things in an aesthetic way. I create a visual diary of what I love, what I want to bring into my life, and what inspires me. I use it for cooking inspiration, decorating, personal style, as well as moments I want to create and an overall feeling I aspire to in my life. (I was actually posting pictures of babies before finding out I was having one). We moved recently, and I used it as my guide in creating a neutral color palette for our home. I found many lovely decorative items at thrift stores, and have been enjoying the process of being creative in this way. Now that my art studio is set up, I’m looking for painting inspiration, and small projects I can do between now and when the baby is born in early October. This morning I was thinking about texture, and how much I love it, and ways to incorporate it into some items I want to make, as well as future paintings. So all of this inspiration has led me to a new list of what I’m loving right now. (All images from Pinterest).

1. Home decor in varying shades of neutral:


In the past, I’ve loved bright colors, but my soul has been craving a soft, minimalist style lately. I love the relaxing vibe of neutrals as a base with thoughtful items added in for interest. When I go to the thrift store, I pick things up and only bring them home if I 1. love them and 2. they are a shade of neutral. I thought it might be boring at first, but I’ve learned there are many colors that fit that description. Greys, whites, creams, beiges, browns, blacks, metals, etc… can all be arranged in a way that is very soothing. Now that I’ve got our basic items: furniture, rugs, picture frames, blankets, decorative items etc… I’m thinking of adding in a few items for a pop of color, such as a throw pillow or a vase. I haven’t decided on that just yet, because I really am loving the gentleness of these soft colors that all match each other in an offhand way.

2. Indigo (insert heart emoticon for emphasis!!!)


Ahhhh, the richness of indigo fabrics. Reminds me of denim, old world, and luxurious dye. I want to wrap myself in them, make stuff with them, and paint with these colors. Love the depth….reminds me of the night’s sky.

3. Baskets


I can’t believe how many baskets I purchased at the thrift store while setting up our new house, and my art studio, but how ever many it was, it wasn’t enough. I remember there were a lot of baskets in my house when I was growing up….they were even nailed to wall in collages. At the time, I didn’t appreciate them, but I have since become a crazy basket lady. Must have to do with my love of texture, and natural, rustic materials.

4. Drinks with roses in them:


I love food and drinks with luxurious details. I recently had a rose latte made with rosewater and garnished with rose petals. I am going back for a lavender mocha. The exotic touches delight me to no end, making an ordinary beverage (and day) unforgettable.

5. Mermaids:


I adore mythical creatures, and there is something so free about a mermaid. Mermaids are so feminine, mysterious, and connected to the sea and moon in a way I long to be. I dream about floating in the cool ocean, swimming effortless to the bottom, and basking in the moonlight on a rock. Definitely want to bring a mermaid into a painting very soon. Perhaps in some indigo waters.

6. Lace:


I. love. lace. I want to embellish things with it. I plan to get married in it. I love it the way I love velvet. Purely & completely.

7. Pictures of babies & baby items:


And of course, babies. With only 9 weeks to go…. (can’t believe I said only) I am dreaming about cuddling our new baby. Can’t wait to take photos of her snuggled up to all of us. Pictures of my big girl holding hands with my little girl. Dreaming of fall, the holidays, and all things cozy as I think of the magical time ahead with our new baby daughter.

Aaaaand that’s about all I have for now. More inspiration to come ❤

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