Anthro Inspiration

Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to find inspiration, so I decided to take a field trip there on a rainy evening this week. Although I’ve always loved the store’s aesthetic, I particularly fell in love with it after geeking out on all the episodes of Man Shops Globe. That show is my absolute fave, as it details the travels of Keith Johnson, buyer for Anthropolgie. He travels the world seeking glorious finds, meeting with artists & craftspeople, visiting their studios and homes, along with open air markets, craft fairs, antique shops and the like. He finds large scale decorative items for the stores, commissions artists, and finds old things that can be given a new twist, and redesigned by Anthroplogie. The show, and store, basically illustrate all I love about design…..vintage, old world, rustic, quirky, artsy, crafty…..with lots of delicious texture. And so this is what I found on this trip to inspire me…..

This tablecloth! Heavy….almost like a blanket. I love the colors, the texture, and the design elements. Makes me want to paint.

Obsessed with this book….I must own it. It fuels my dream of living in a cabin in the woods, and can transport me vicariously in the meantime.

The feeling of this piece of old furniture. The history. The tassels are dangling from old hotel keys. In my mind this constitutes a simpler, more romantic time, perhaps in Paris.

Love these frames and the possibility of what to fill them with. Pressed flowers maybe? Love the tarnished brass & copper.

The juxtaposition of these colors. The peeling paint on wood, the cavas…love, love, love.

Must own teeny star lights. Must.

Jars with brass lids. For bath product crafting. Yes, please.

My favorite find. Large scale rustic wood panel with feeling paint. Plus flowers. Planning to make something from this idea. Wood + flowers speaks to my soul.

These colors. Brilliant turquoise + copper = swoon.

This combo. Tarnished brass frame plus a painting of flowers that looks like fabric. So gentle. My love and I in the reflection.

And the most interesting award goes to….large scale hanging rug made of dyed tea bags. The colors….soft blue, navy, beige, brown….amazing. Especially for this tea person.

And there you have it, a lovely collection of inspiring finds. I can always count on Anthrolpologie to bring me home to my aesthetic. Can’t wait to get down to creating. How about you, where are your favorite spots for inspiration? ❤

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