Creating a Vision

I absolutely adore Pinterest, and find it to be a wonderful source of inspiration. I take my pinning very seriously (wink), and only pin things that fit into my overall aesthetic. Those things that don’t match my collage of pins go under “likes.” For a creative, visual person, Pinterest is a haven for collecting beautiful images and delighting the senses. You can check out my pins here. I thought it would be fun to start sharing things that inspire me, and things that I love. It’s such a dreamy practice that I love to get lost in….creating a sort of vision board for my life. Here’s what’s lighting me up right now:


Black liquid eyeliner. It feels so sultry and feminine to me. Mysterious.


Old book covers. Fantastic weathered illustrations, and clever titles that make me smile.


In a word: texture. Old, peeling wallpaper, chipped paint, embroidery, cracked tile….all of it, good.


Women with nature. Lying in a field of flowers, leaves in her hair, toes in a stream….opens up my spirit.


Open road, open trail…..yes, please.


Words that speak to who I am in the purest sense.


Coffee with journal, coffee with paints, coffee with books. All waiting.


And finally, flowers. Always flowers.

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