Ode to Tavi Gevinson


I discovered Tavi Gevinson about a year ago. At that time, she was 17 (now 18) and I found her completely inspirational (still do). I watched her TED talk and other videos on YouTube, and read her blog thestylerookie. She got her start at a young age as a fashion blogger, attending fashion shows as a young teen, and is now the editor in chief of Rookie Mag, a smart online publication for teens (similar to Sassy  from my generation). She is a self-proclaimed feminist, a unique spirit, and incredibly creative. I now follow her on Instagram.

What really connected me to Tavi is the creativity she has at her age. I think back to my 17 year old self a lot, and remember how everything seemed possible at that age. I lived in the moment back then, and felt in the flow of life. I was creative, and followed my natural rhythms. True, I didn’t have any responsibilities back then, but I think my 17 year old self has a lot to teach me. I truly followed my bliss back then, and that’s what I am trying to reconnect to now in my current journey. I remember the sounds, sights, smells, and textures from my 17 year old bedroom and life, and I long to immerse myself in the pure expression of it all. As I read Tavi’s blog, I remember my own journals from back then and the excitement of loving what you love so much, what Tavi refers to as “fangirling.”

And so, I thought I’d share Tavi with you. She is also a big fan of Stevie Nicks (as am I) and covers both Neil Young’s Heart of Gold and Joni Mitchell’s Case of You. I’ll leave you with a few videos, and maybe you will be inspired by her too, and through her connect back to your teenage self and see what she (or he) has to teach you.


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